TestBedZone is a personal sandbox for experimentation.

I’d like to welcome you to follow along as I dabble with various things and share lessons learned.

I’ve started TestBedZone after noticing that so many things these days just need a URL with a working website and a little documentation.

If the mix of topics at TestBedZone seems eclectic, that’s only because I have a wide range of interests, and this website captures a certain narrow snapshot in time.

The final catalyst for starting TestBedZone was a cool course on Web Analytics, with an intent to build skills that can be applied to several established web sites. Hence, the initial focus relates to WordPress, Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager and BigQuery. Eventually, I intend to fold sub-domains and custom back-end API / elements to this sandbox.

By viewing content at TestBedZone, you’ll provide website traffic that I can explore using different web analytics tools.

In return, I’d like to share content you may find interesting, taken largely from a current hobby – designing and building small robots. I am a member of the Dallas Personal Robotics Group – DPRG (actually I’m the current president). DPRG is a club that has been building robots since 1984. Hence the initial content at TestBedZone relates to robot projects I’ve done and shared with DPRG.

In any case, I hope you enjoy TestBedZone.

And I thank you for your clicks, views and comments.

All The Best,


Testbed Zone