Finishing up the Optizent ‘Build your WordPress Site’ course

Anil Batra presented to DFWSEM recently: Introduction to Google Analytics 4 with Anil Batra.

The presentation was excellent – and inspired me to sign up for his course GA4, GTM, BigQuery, and Data Studio Fundamentals in Just 25 days.

Having worked on existing sites, but having never set up a site from scratch, I signed up for the bonus section, a precursor to that course called Build your WordPress site/blog to practice what you learn.

After a short time, I’ve set up a DreamHost account, purchased the domain and started experimenting with features of WordPress I haven’t tried before.

So far – so good – I like the pace of this course.

And I’m reinforcing things I’d already figured out, and learning a few new tricks along the way.

  • Carl